Performance Choppers

Performance Choppers



Custom is SPECIAL because it is something you thought of to make your bike YOURS.

Custom is a STYLISTIC and/or STRUCTURAL change to the standard [boring…]

Custom is anything that does NOT come on a STOCK bike or even on a special construction bike.


We work on custom american-made V-Twin motorcycles: Big Dog, Ironhorse, Arlen Ness, Saxon, Ultra, Big Bear, Kraus, West Coast Choppers, Viper, Hotch Design, Orange County Choppers and many others.


If you have one of these bikes, bring it to us. We can do anything from an oil change to an engine re-haul and everything in between!




Performance Choppers has been customizing its customer’s rides from the get-go. We are dealers for every major brand of motorcycle parts, components and accessories. If there is a modification or alteration you want done to your bike, chances are, we’ve done it before. Maybe not in the same color or the same style, but we are very experienced in making the components and parts you choose work on your bike. If we need to fabricate or modify a part or bracket we have all the tools and equipment needed right here in house!

Bring us your project and we’ll make your dream a reality! 


There are literally hundreds of custom modifications you can make to your motorcycle. Each custom modification requires resources to take it from a concept in your mind to a reality on your bike. These are just some of the most common customization projects we constantly undertake. Click on a button and find out some of the details you need to think through before you decide to embark on the project; then schedule a customization consultation with one of our techs so we can scope out your project and give you an estimate. The sky’s the limit! 

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