Performance Choppers

Performance Choppers




noun (doing) 1. The act of doing something, such as your job; noun (activity) 2. How well a person, machine, etc. does a piece of work or an activity; verb (activity) 3. An action or type of behaviour that involves a lot of attention to detail or to small matters.






noun (tradition) 1. A way of behaving or a belief that has been established for a long time among a group of people; adj (made once) 2. Made for a particular person; verb (support) 3. The support given to a business, especially a shop, by the people who buy things or services from it.




adjective (high quality)
1. Of high quality and lasting value, or showing the best characteristics typical of a time-period or of the person or company who created it (esp. something old); adjective (used) 2. Used but of good quality; adjective (of spirits) 3. Of high quality that was made in a particular year, and that can be kept for several years in order to improve it.

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