DO NOT Try this at home!


Dynamometers, or "Dynos" are not for everyone. They're reserved for those who, need to take their rides to another level. If modifications change your bike's braun, you'll need the dyno to change its brain and bring it all together. Because once you pull the throttle on a Dyno'd bike, you'll ask yourself why you took so long to do it!

In layman's terms, what is all this Dyno mumbo-jumbo

Mumbo jumbo concept.

Your bike has an ECM (Electronic Control Module) which is basically a computer that controls the fuel injection and timing systems on your bike. That ECM has a "map" that tells it how to behave when you turn the throttle or shift gears based on actual conditions (rpms, gear, load, etc.) and the map tells your bike how to react to that pull on the throttle. When you change certain components on your bike, that previous "map" becomes obsolete! Your ECM needs a new map to tell it how to behave depending on the new conditions that your modifications call for in order for your bike to react and behave efficiently. If the map is deficient you will have inefficiencies (decel pop, misfires, excess heat, bad fuel mileage, etc.) that may not only make your bike behave badly, but that will ultimately reduce your motor's or other component's life span - and THAT is a scary thought. By Dyno-tuning your bike we are able to develop a new "map" that allows your bike to effectively garner the newfound power, product of the mods you have made, and to run efficiently and safely.